Q: Can I book a provider when my child is sick?

A: Providers can take care of children who have a mild illness. However, they are not medical personnel and are present only to watch over, entertain, and delight a child who is a little bit under the weather. Only with parent permission and explicit written instructions will providers administer medication to children. Finally, if your child is sick, please contact support and share your child's symptoms so we can alert and prepare the provider accordingly. 

Typically, a provider can care for children dealing with:

-Fever under 102 degrees (and on the decline)
-Teething or colicky behavior
-Ear infection
-Strep throat (when the child has been on antibiotics for 24 hours)
-Conjunctivitis (when the child has been on antibiotics for 24 hours)

However, providers will not come to a home in situations that make it likely that they could get sick or spread illness to other children, such as:

-Head lice
-Coxsackie Virus (hand, foot & mouth disease)
-Untreated strep or conjunctivitis
-Stomach bugs
-Flu (handled case-by-case)

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