Trusted partners with Checkr, a consumer reporting agency, to perform a criminal record and sex offender search on all child care providers. This check uses the Social Security Number and personal identifying information given by a potential provider to determine the individual's address history over the past seven years. Checkr then searches available criminal records associated with the potential provider's name in the places she or he has lived during that seven year period. Additionally, Checkr searches the National Sex Offender Public Website, which is a publicly available repository of each of the state sex offender registries, and searches numerous terrorist, criminal and regulatory watch lists for the potential provider's name. Checkr also searches a multijurisdictional database comprised of criminal records that certain localities across the country choose to provide. If a potential provider has a drivers' license, Checkr will search the motor vehicle records from the state of issuance.

These searches are a valuable tool in screening child care providers, however, it is important to understand that the information Checkr is able to locate and/or report to Trusted about a potential provider may be limited by federal, state and local law, and that the availability of criminal record information varies. Background checks may not be 100% accurate and my not reveal the entirety of a potential provider's criminal or sex offender history.

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